Alexis Moreno, PsyD, MS, MA, is the CEO, Consulting Psychologist, & Health Correspondent for Wit & Reason, a media consulting practice in Washington, DC.

Dr. Moreno has been fascinated by the social and global impact of mass media since her childhood years as she observed her peers mimicking the aggressive or flirtatious behaviors of Loonely Tunes characters. Dr. Moreno thought, well if mass media can be so influential that it can encourage us to spend money we don’t have on products we don’t need or experience heartfelt feelings about factitious characters or fear and anxiety over a second long soundbite about a complex subject that we don’t fully understand, then how influential can media be if we creatively utilize it to educate and motivate healthy cognition and behaviors?

All of which explains her academic pursuits. Dr. Moreno has a Doctorate in Community Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in both Television Broadcasting and Psychology. The more time she spends studying psychological theory, researching human behavior, and working directly in the community, the more she is inspired by the power of systematically addressing personal and social issues. She has worked as a health educator with middle and high school students, provided psychotherapy with children, families, and couples recovering from violence and trauma, and treated adults on parole and in maximum security psychiatric hospitals suffering with severe mental illness.

Spending the last decade teaching and addressing about every topic and crisis imaginable has made corporate consultation and media communications a breeze. Dr. Moreno uses an ecological and biopsychosocial approach to every case conceptualization and collaboratively works with teams in a respectful, humanistic style. Passionate about working with diverse clientele, she tailors corporate and community interventions and presentations to engage and meet the needs of every stakeholder involved.

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Oprah Winfrey made amazing strides in publicizing an open dialogue about tough issues. I would like to take on that role for the next generations.

- Dr. Alexis Moreno


Dr. Moreno was born into a close and loving Mexican American family in Los Angeles, California. She was the first in her family to complete doctoral level education and to move across the country to the East Coast. Dr. Moreno was "matched" with Washington, DC's historic psychiatric hospital, St. Elizabeths Hospital, to complete her doctoral internship and has fallen in love with the city. Dr. Moreno feels very fortunate to live in such a lively and diverse region with an immense amount of cultural significance. Even while she was working in the maximum security hospital, Dr. Moreno took extra efforts to assist patients on community outings beyond the hospital gates. Dr. Moreno has always been driven to fully immerse herself in her local community and contribute her time and health services wherever she lives.

As a DC community member, Dr. Moreno has established herself as a Community Council Member of NPR’s local public radio station, WAMU 88.5 FM, a Red Cross volunteer prepared to deploy for local hurricane relief, and is an active Board Member for the DC Psychological Association. Through her consultation practice, Dr. Moreno offers free or low-cost mental health and wellness workshops to the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region and discounted wellness program development services for nonprofits and government agencies serving populations who have experienced abuse and trauma around the country. Doing so allows Dr. Moreno to engage with community members, listen to their mental health concerns, connect them to appropriate health providers, and provide effective educational experiences and resources to the general public. Dr. Moreno is excited and deeply motivated about making mental health fun, relatable and accessible. She looks forward to new and creative collaborations that provide her and other outspoken health professional a platform to positively impact humankind.

Dr. Moreno lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Alex Honigman, a licensed clinical social worker, and their newly rescued kitten Skuzzie.


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Dr. Alexis Moreno